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Putting Together A Solid Bottom Board

You will need a mallet, hammer, drill, wood glue and something
to make a straight line with, I use a reel chalk line.

solid bottom board

Put glue in side rails.

Glue side rails

Put your bottom board into one rail. You may need the mallet to gently tap the boards in.
Put the second rail on the bottom board making sure that it is the same as the first, deep side and narrow sides. You may need the mallet for this also. Stand it on end and tap it with the mallet to seat the tongue and groove boards together tightly. Align the rails and the bottom board so they are even.

Put bottom in rail second rail on bottom

Put one 7 D nail in each of the corners being sure that the nail is back away from the corner a good inch and the nail is centered going in to the wood of the bottom board. The reason nail goes back an inch from the edge of the corner is because you will be putting in a 5 D nail in two of the corners in another step.

one nail in each corner

You will use the nails you just put in as guides to make a straight line down each rail. Lay your chalk line over the nails and give it a snap to make a mark on the rail. You will nail the rail to the bottom board using the line as a guide keeping the nails centered. Before nailing though, you will need to pre drill holes because the nails can split your rails.

chalk line
chalk reel

The bottom board is made of several piece of wood to insure you do not put a nail between the tongue and groove boards mark your chalk line with an X to show where to drill a hole for each nail.

marl where you will drill

Drill the holes, you do not need to go deep just through the rail. Sorry, when I was taking the pictures I did not notice the size of my bit so have it slightly smaller than the 7 D nails.

drilled holes

Now nail the rail to the bottom board with the 7 D nails.
Next you need the two small pieces of wood for one end of the bottom board.

nailed rail ends

They go at one end of the board, either end it doesn't matter as long as they are both at the same end. The thick stick goes on the deepest side of the board and the thin stick on the shallowest side of the board.


Nail with 5 D nails from the narrow side down to the thick side. The 5D nails are long enough to go through to the thick bar. Start at one side and be sure the sticks stay in place before you put in the second nail. Use three or four nails. When this is nailed turn your board over.

nail thick side

When nailing the thick side make sure the nails are not in line with the nails on the narrow side or you will hit them. Also on the deep side put the nails down away from the corner because you are going to put a 5D nail in both corners down into the thick bar. As shown in the last photo.
Your board is complete! or 207-329-9934