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Karen Thurlow, Master Beekeeper

Services for Beekeepers and Maintenance of Bee hives

I am not offering any services for the 2019 season. I am in the process of relocating my apiary business to New Brunswick, Canada.

Hive inspection support for beginning beekeepersIf you need additional support maintaining your bee hives I can provide that service. Many beekeepers find they don't have the time or knowledge to take proper care of their hives and welcome the professional services that I offer. You may choose hive maintenance on a regular schedule, periodic visits, or even a single visit to assist with a particular problem. Everyone's life and abilities vary so the support offered will be for your unique situation.

A visit can be a full inspection of your hive's health, judging the quality of your queen, checking for Varroa mites, splitting your hive or aid in requeening a hive. Periodic visits can be scheduled to assist you with becoming more comfortable with hive inspections - everything from installing a package of bees to pulling honey supers, any part of caring for honey bees through Maine's four seasons.

There are many things to learn when assessing a hive. With periodic open hive sessions, you will learn to assess the brood area and recognize eggs, pupa and larva. We will inspect the honey Learn what is going on in your beehive and pollen, making sure the colony has what it needs to continue growth through the season.You will learn to recognize the queen and assess her brood pattern; you may need assistance with requeening your hive. One of the most important things to do is to inspect the hive for mites, small hive beetles, and diseases. I will work with you to keep potential problems to a minimum. You may need assistance with deciding on a miticide, applying it, and evaluating the overall success. The number of health issues facing honey bees is growing, which makes a beekeeper's job harder. If nosema is suspected I have a high quality microscope that can be used in the field.

Also I can fill feeders if you need to travel, check hive weights in the winter and put on candy boards, evaluate your property for hive placement, advise you on equipment and woodenware.

Service and Maintenance Pricing

Pricing does not include supplies or equipment.

Consultation/Assessment Visits $50.00 an hour; drive time is counted as time worked.

Phone consultations, depending on the circumstance, $15.00 an hour payable through PayPal.

Yearly Maintenance $800.00 for up to two hives, does not include cost of goods used to maintain the hive. For additional hives in the same yard $200 per hive.

Beekeeping Workshops, Classes and Presentations

"Microscopy classes - Disease diagnosis"
"Honeybee Disease & Pest Management"
"Simple Methods for Increasing Hives"
"Small Scale Queen Rearing"
"Beekeepers! Use Your Brain Not Your Brawn"
"The Sustainable Apiary"
"The Two Queen Hive"
"My List of Do's and Do Not's, What I have learned over time about beekeeping."
"Keeping Bees in a Cold Climate"

Contact Karen for beekeeping workshops, presentations and group lectures. or 1207-329-9934 Maine, USA or 1506-508-0174 New Brunswick, CA

Honeybee hive maintenance, presentations and lectures. or 506-508-0174 New Brunswick, CA