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Karen Thurlow, Master Beekeeper

Robbing can be a serious issue in apiaries, which can be caused by bees or wasps.

How do you know if your honeybee hive is being robbed?

The best solution to robbing I have found is using robbing screens.

To make robbing screens I use 1 inch wood. Cut two side pieces and nail to a piece the size of the entrance of the hive then staple screen to the wood. The 1" side pieces hold the screen away from the hive body.The height is not real important, I have them all different heights the shortest probably being 4" tall. Only the bees who live in the hive will go up over the screen, even if you have a screen on every hive in the yard and they all know how to get over them. I like metal screen the best since the nylon screen can flop in towards the hive blocking part of the entrance.

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Prevent Robbing

Causes of and ways to prevent robbing:

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