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Assembling A Telescoping Cover

The telescoping cover fits down over the top of the uppermost super, do not use a telescoping cover with out an inner cover. The inner cover prevents the frames and super from sticking to the telescoping cover, it would be hard to get your hive tool under a telescoping cover to lift it off if the bees have used propolis to stick it down. The inner cover usually comes assembled.

This is an inner cover

inner cover

Telescoping cover parts along with a hammer and the nails you will need to put it together.

Telescoping cover parts

Start by putting together the rails making sure the rim is facing inside.
Some times you need a rubber mallet to gently knock the pieces into place.

Put rails togetherRails Rails

Here are the rails making the frame to your telescoping cover. Do not nail yet!

Telescoping cover frame

Set the masonite onto the rim this insures you have it square.

Set masonite in to frame to make sure it is square.

When you have the frame square take out the masonite and use the 7 D nails to nail the rim togther.

Nail the framenail rim

Set the masonite back on the nailed rim and put the galvanized metal top over the rim and masonite. Some times you need to run your hive tool along the edge of the metal to get it over the wooden frame.

set masonite back on frameMetal top fits over the frame

The metal top has small pre-drilled holes in the edge.
This is to attach it to the wood frame, use the 18 gauge nails for this.

Metal nailed to the wooden frame

Your cover is complete! or 207-329-9934