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Inserting Crimped Wired Wax Foundation

You will need crimped wired wax foundation and 4 support pins.
The correct foundation size for a medium frame is 5 5/8" x 16 3/4".

wired wax and pins wax into bottom bar

Insert the end of the wax foundation without the wire J hooks into the slot of the bottom bar.

Wire J hooks go where the wedge was

The J hooks will lay where the wedge was taken out of the top bar.

put wedge in

Make sure the foundation is evenly spaced inside the frame and put the wedge in on top of the J hooks.

nail wedge

Nail the wedge in place with the 18 gauge 3/4" nails. Drive the nail in at an angle so it pushes the wedge in securing the foundation.

nail across the wedge

I like to use four to five nails to hold the wedge.

foundation in frame

6 1/4" frame with crimped wire foundation ready for support pins.

Now put in the support pins.
They go through the holes in your side bar and the foundation fits into the split in the pin.

This is a 6 5/8" medium frame and a 9 5/8" deep frame next to each other. Notice there are two pins in the center holes of the deep frame side bar though it has four holes. If your deep frames are never going in an extractor you only need use two support pins on each side bar, a total of four pins per frame. or 207-329-9934