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Colors and Solar Gain


Today is a nice sunny day, 42 F., so I thought I would I compare the temperatures of my different color nuc boxes with an infrared thermometer. Here are pictures of the thermometer pointing at some of the boxes. One nuc that has a light green bottom box and a darker green top box has a 20 F. difference in temperature between the top and the bottom. The bees are in the top box but since a cluster only warms itself I doubt the bees are making a big difference on the outside of the box. They are all fairly equal as far as how much sun they get. I do not wrap my hives and this shows me that I really do not need to, I live at 43°47'44.9"N.

dark green 102F light green box 82F

This double nuc has a dark green box which is 102.5F and the light green box on the bottom is 82F.

White Box 34F Gray 91.5F

White box is 34F and the gray box is 91.5F so even a little pigment adds heat.

Rust 87.5FPink 75F

The rust box is 87.5F and the pink box is 75F.

salmon 10 frame 111Fhive in the shade 35.5F

This salmon box is a 10 frame box and this color had the highest temperature. The photo on the right is a hive in the shade, it is cooler than the air temperature which is 42F today.

I also took reading from other things.

dark green house natural colored fence

Dark green clapboards in the sun and a natural colored fence.

suagr maple bark

The bark of a sugar maple, the sap should be running soon!

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