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Assemble a Hive Stand

A hive stand gives the bees more landing space when entering the hive. It also gives them more room for bearding on hot summer days. This is different than a hive stand you set on the ground to place your hive on, this stand goes on that stand.

The wooden parts are the sides, back and front (landing board). You will also will need a drill with a 5/64 bit and 8 decks screws, I use 6X1 5/68.

make a hive stand

Line up the side rails with the back so it is all square. Getting it square is important the ends of the side rails need to fit neatly into the cut edges of the back..


Drill 2 holes on each corner of the back going into the end of the side rail. Do not drill to close to the edge because you could crack the wood when putting in the screws.

back of hive stand

Two screws go in each side for a total of 4 screws.

put screws in

Turn the hive stand around so you can work on the front. You are going to put the landing board on with the slant edge facing the hive. Have it on a flat surface so you can line it up correctly.


Drill the top hole at a downward angle and put in one screw. The top screw on each side needs to go in at an downward angle because of the slant of the rail. The bottom screws go in straight.

drill holes

Do the top screws on each side first.

screws go at an downward angle

The bottom two screws do not go at an angle. You will have four screws total, two in each side. The black lines in the photo show the angle of the screws.

4 screws for the front

This is what your hive stand will look like when done.

hive stand

Hive stand with a bottom board on it.

hive stand with bottom board

Hive with a hive stand

Hive on a hive stand

This hive stand is giving the bees more room on a hot day when the nectar is flowing. There would be a lot more bees down on the plank below and on the front of the hive if the hive stand wasn't there for them to land on.

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