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Karen Thurlow-Kimball

Assembling A Wedge Top Frame

No matter the size, all wedge top bar frames are assembled the same. These photos are the assembly of a frame that will go into a 6 5/8" super which some refer to as a medium super.

Frame Parts

This is the wood ware and nails for a 6 1/4" frame that will go into a 6 5/8" super.

top bar

There is a cut in the top bar where the wedge is.

Remove wedge from bar

Use a knife to remove the wedge from the top bar. Save the wedge piece you removed; you will need it to secure the wax foundation.

glue side bar

Put some wood glue in the top notch of both side bars this will help hold the top bar in place.

insert top bar

Insert the top bar into each side bar.

Nail top bar to side bar

Nail the top bar to the side bars. These are 17 gauge 1 1/4" nails.

glue bottom bars

Put glue in the bottom slots of the side bars.

Nail bottom bar

Nail the bottom bar to the side bars using the same 17 gauge nails.

Wood Frame for beehive

The next step is to insert foundation.

Here is the completed frame. or 207-329-9934