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Karen Thurlow, Master Beekeeper
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Beekeeping Workshops, Classes & Bee Club Meetings

Beekeeping Workshops and Classes

Microscopy classes
miscroscopy classes

Microscopy Workshops - Techniques for Nosema and Tracheal Mite Identification

These classes focus the use of a microscope as a diagnosing tool. The microscope can provide a great deal of insight into the health and environment of our honeybees. You will receive step by step instruction on how to set up a wet mount slide, learn about depth of focus and the slide preparation of honeybees for nosema spore counting.
The microscopic examination of the bees' respiratory system is required to show the presence of the Acarine, tracheal mites. You will do a dissection to retrieve the trachea, slide mount and microscopic examination.
Part of diagnosing with a microscope is setting up the slide correctly. Too much water, too little water, air bubbles, can make a slide more difficult to read. You will be taught ways to avoid and/or overcome these problems. No experience with microscopy is required. You will be taught laboratory skills that will enable you to make positive diagnoses with discussions on timely and appropriate treatments. Class is limited to 14 participants. FMI contact Karen 506-685-0176 New Brunswick, CA

Speaking Engagements

Karen Thurlow started beekeeping on her farm in the 70's. She is the owner of New Moon Apiary and manages 60 hives of her own in Cumberland County, Maine, along with helping/teaching other beekeepers. Karen has worked with Dr. Larry Connor, learning and assisting with queen grafting. She also has been a student of Dr. Jerry Bromenshank, a professor at the University of Montana and CEO/President, Bee Alert Technology, Inc., studying honey bee anatomy, microscopy for pest and bee disease detection and pollinator protection from pesticide hazards. Karen took part in the first class offered by the University of Montana to become a Master Beekeeper. She has worked as a veterinary technician in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for over 17 years. This background has made her well versed in microscopy and its use in diagnosis.

"Karen Thurlow is one of the best beekeepers I've worked with."--Dr. Larry Connor, owner of Wicwas Press and preeminent entomologist specializing in queen breeding.

Randy Oliver: "Does The Crushing of Bees Affect Colony Health?." "American Bee Journal" March 2015: Pages 285 - 289 "Practical application: don't waste your money on fumagillin if you haven't determined by microscopy that your bees are actually infected. Fullagillin is an immune suppressor, and you may not only be throwing money down the drain, but actually harming your colonies."

Looking for a speaker about honey bees? Or are your club members interested in a microscopy workshop?

The speaker's fee is negotiable, please contact me for more information. Contact Karen at

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Also ask about having a microscopy education table at your annual bee club meeting.

List of Beekeeping Classes in Maine

Beginner and Intermediate Beekeeping Classes in Maine

Online Education

University of Montana Online Beekeeping Certificate Program

Beekeeper Education & Engagement System

Free Online Beekeeping Class

Bee Clubs

The Cumberland County Beekeepers meets monthly, on the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Mabel I. Wilson School, 353 Tuttle Road, Cumberland, ME 04021, at 7:15 PM. FMI

The York County Beekeepers Association meets 2nd Monday, Monthly, in Sanford Jr High School Library FMI

To find your regional chapter visit the Maine State Beekeepers Association's web site. or 506-685-0176