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Karen Thurlow-Kimball
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Beekeeping in Maine

no charge for marking queens

Hygienic Italian Queens mated $25 each
Northern Carniolan Queens mated $35 each
Northern Mix, Italian/Carniolan, mated $35 each
Free marking for all queens, this years color is green.
Contact Karen or 207.329.9934

I have been beekeeping on and off for over 30 years and through that time have had many great learning experiences. Beekeeping is something I truly enjoy so when I decided to make a web site my goal was share some of my knowledge. I hope you find the pages on this site useful. Beekeeping has become a popular hobby in my area as with all over the county.


Bearding is often confused with swarming

Bearding is caused by heat, congestion and lack of ventilation. Bees will beard during the day and at night in hot humid weather. In hot weather the hive’s internal temperatures can rise to excessive levels. Bees will go out of the hive and cluster in huge numbers, they are escaping from the heat to cool themselves and the hive. Honeybees do this mostly to keep the inside of the hive from overheating and killing the brood (immature bees), it helps regulate the brood nest temperature. Brood and too many bees in the hive will increase the internal temperature so bearding is a simple way to regulate the temperature, less bodies in the hive creating heat. So bearding is related to ventilation when the weather is hot and not to swarming. It is an indication that they are hot. As the temperature cools and humidity lowers, they will all go back inside.

What to do? Pull the entrance reducer, if you have a screen bottom board pull out the insert, add another box to the hive to give the bees more room, lift the lid so fanning is more effective, put a screen cover on the top of the hive. Any one or all these things will help the bees regulate the temperature. Plus always make sure there is a water source for your bees.

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