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A simple compound microscope can help identify pollen, mites and infections. Other applications are viewing the basic anatomy of the honey bee and for the more advanced, artificial insemination.

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Microscopy Workshop Ballston Spa, New York, March 22

Microscopy Workshop Falmouth, Maine, March 28

2015 Package Bees

Beekeeping in Maine

I have been beekeeping since the 70's and through that time have had many great learning experiences. Beekeeping is something I truly enjoy so when I decided to make a web site my goal was share some of my knowledge. I hope you find the pages on this site useful. Beekeeping has become a popular hobby in my area as with all over the county.


In the Northeast winter came slowly but now it is here it is making a big impression. The below 0° F temperatures are actually easier on the bees when there is snow around their hive. What are you told to do if you’re lost in the woods in the winter? Build a snow cave to conserve heat. That is what your hive is in right now, a snow cave. There will be plenty of air because the snow will melt a few inches away from the box. Bees can even go out of the hive to cleanse themselves though they cannot fly. I actually like the not flying part because there are fewer bees lost in the snow. Colored bee boxes and solar gain.

Will this season be your first with bees? Click the picture for a PowerPoint Presentation by Jim Tew
Getting Started with Honey bees

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