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Karen Thurlow-Kimball
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A simple compound microscope can help identify pollen, mites and infections. Other applications are viewing the basic anatomy of the honey bee and for the more advanced, artificial insemination.

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The package bees came through in excellent shape this year. Thank you to all who ordered bees. I hope you have a good season.

Beekeeping in Maine

I have been beekeeping since the 70's and through that time have had many great learning experiences. Beekeeping is something I truly enjoy so when I decided to make a web site my goal was share some of my knowledge. I hope you find the pages on this site useful. Beekeeping has become a popular hobby in my area as with all over the county.


The calendar says spring is here but I am having a hard time believing it. We are coming in to the hardest part of the year for hives. The bees are old, their honey is sugared, and the clusters are smaller so unsugaring honey is harder. There is brood to feed and if the bees donít have enough bee bread they will take resources from their own body to feed the brood. It is too early in Maine to feed liquid food so you still need to use granulated sugar. Also put on protein substitutes to insure the bees have enough protein. Once you start feeding protein keep feeding until reliable fresh pollen is coming in.

Will this season be your first with bees? Click the picture for a PowerPoint Presentation by Jim Tew
Getting Started with Honey bees

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